Isabelle de Kleine is an Australian painter and video artist living and working in Berlin, Germany. Her artworks are explorations of identity, perception and subjectivity expressed using figure, colour, movement and shape. She uses technology and paint to create collage-like artworks that move between realism and abstraction. Inspired by the psychological self and the unique ways individuals perceive the world around them, Isabelle’s work aims expose the imperfections in the mind, exploring both a beautiful and an uncomfortable reality.

Isabelle completed her bachelor of Fine Arts at RMIT in 2015 and has since received national recognition for her work, notably winning the 2015 Digital Portrait Award at The National Portrait Gallery Canberra, the Arkley Prize (2016) at the NotFair Art Fair and the Tolarno Hotel Painting Prize (2015) as well as exhibiting at Anna Pappas Gallery (2017), Comber Street Studios (2018), PSAS (2018), Blindside (2016) and Forty-Five Downstairs (2015).

Through her work, Isabelle continually pushes boundaries of contemporary portraiture and new media arts by blurring the lines between technology and traditional forms of image making.

Isabelle is currently non-exclusively represented in Sydney, Australia by Sophie Vander of curatorial&co